Committed to the exclusive use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials,
Origin seeks the perfect balance between nature and design. Origin targets
discerning customers who practice conscious consumption
and value quality, beauty and functionality.

Certified Wood

Using only 100% legal origin woods, certified by respective environmental control agencies, Origin® assures both reliable and sustainable supplies, economic benefits in addition to ethical procedures.

Fungi and Bacterial Protection

A natural antimicrobial without contraindications, silver has unparalleled physicochemical properties that reduce up to 99% of the concentration of bacteria on surfaces exposed after 24 hours of application. This result is due to the inherent action of its particles that, in contact with moisture, release positively charged ions that interfere with the electrical balance of microorganisms, hence blocking their multiplication.
Ag+ Origin: permanent protection; inorganic; non-toxic; absolutely safe to human health and with low environmental impact.


Ag+ Origin: natural antibacterial, scientifically approved by studies conducted at major institutes in Europe and Japan.

Unique Finishing

Such a special raw material as solid wood requires particular studies when it comes to finishing and protection. Origin products rely on Renner Sayerlack S.A coating, well known since 1968 for embellishment, protection and maintenance of wooden surfaces.

Ultra-Resistant Glue

Origin uses special non-toxic, water resistant glue, tested and approved by renowned laboratories throughout the world, following specific rule DIN EN 204.

IF Design Award

Origin is one of the proud winners of iF Product Design Award 2005, considered to be the Oscars of worldwide design. This important award is a recognition from The Federation of German Industries – BDI – and Deutsche Messe AG, the world’s foremost trade fair company

Prep & Serve Bowl 400

This awarded piece was designed by Gértri Bodini, from DG+Design.