Antimicrobial Protection

All Origin products receive Ag+ Ion Active which is a natural antimicrobial treatment, inhibiting the growth of microorganisms in woods.

Searching for the ultimate feature in sanitary safety, Origin has found silver to be the answer for its needs. A natural antimicrobial without contraindications, silver has unparalleled physicochemical properties that reduce up to 99% of the concentration of bacteria on surfaces exposed after 24 hours of application. This result is due to the inherent action of its particles that, in contact with moisture, release positively charged ions that interfere with the electrical balance of microorganisms, hence blocking their multiplication.

Ag+ Origin: permanent protection; inorganic; non-toxic; absolutely safe to human health and with low environmental impact.

Ag+ Origin: natural antibacterial, scientifically approved by studies conducted at major institutes in Europe and Japan.